PT. Kencana Indah Sejati (PT. KIS) is an independently owned company established in 2003. PT. Kencana Indah Sejati main establishment purpose is to develop, promote and market Sealite products in Indonesia.

PT. Kencana Indah Sejati work closely with both Sealite and the aids to marine navigation stakeholders in Indonesia to develop and to establish a better and excellent marine safety in Indonesia.

PT. Kencana Indah Sejati board of advisors and board of directors consisted of professional and experts in marine business and aids to marine navigations in Indonesia. All of PT. Kencana Indah Sejati member of board of advisors consisted of professional which have been involved in the aids to marine navigation business for more than 15 years.

Sealite began manufacturing marine aids to navigation in 1982. With the introduction of ultra-high intensity LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), Sealite recognized the advantages of replacing globes with new LED technology. Adopting this new technology allowed Sealite to create a range of products that consume extremely low levels of power, making them ideal for solar energy sources as well as being almost maintenance-free.

Since then, Sealite’s range of navigation aids has expanded to include; leading lights, bridge lighting, rotationally-moulded buoy products, power-systems, and products to provide safe environments for aviation, telecommunication and mining customers worldwide.